How to make a bath cocktail and supercharge your bathing experience.

Hey there #modbeautybff,
I'm sure you know that Bath Cocktails are all the rage in the indie bath scene and they definitely kick your bathing experience up a notch, or ten. Here is a quick HOW TO: Bath Cocktail info graphic to help you put together the ultimate concoction. 
bath cocktail
Step 1. A strainer or Sieve is really great when it comes to using bubble bath bars & when compiling your bath cocktail.
Step 2. You can chop your bubble bath bar and only use a little bit at a time to prologue the life of your bar. Take what you have chopped and place it in your strainer. 
Step 3. Drizzle a small amount of body wash over your chopped bubble bar. You can also add in some whipped soap if you're really feeling ambitious. 

Body Wash
(Check out Body Wash collection)
Step 4. Place strainer under warm/hot running bath water and watch the bubbles start to form. After mixture is gone, agitate the water to produce more bubbles. 
Step 5. Place bath bomb into water and enjoy the colorful show. I especially love using bath bombs when the bubbles are already made. It provides a nice bath art experience.
 Bath Bomb
(photo of our Sweet Tart bath bomb)
Step 6. Get clean with one of our full-body sugar scrubs. They cleanse and exfoliate at the same time with fine granulated sugar while being gentle for the ultimate experience.
Step 7. Relax and Enjoy!
I hope this helps you envision an incredible tub sesh brought to you by Mod Bath and Body. 
Xoxo - Jamie

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