HOW TO: Mask tips & Why you should use them.

DIY Face Mask
Face masks are an important part of our skin routine, why? Because pampering yourself can be quite therapeutic, however it’s even better when you can soak in all the goodness and help your skin be more vibrant.

The quick and dirty reasons why you need to apply a face mask, like now:

Pamper Yourself: You need to make time for yourself,  have a DIY spa night and relax. When using a mask, apply in upwards and circular motions, this helps stimulate blood flow as well as the upward movement prevents you from causing your skin to sag and potentially causing wrinkles.  No thanks!

Cleansing: Masks are great for skin, they have skin loving ingredients that can help cleanse, smooth and overall make your skin feel great. As well as some wonderful antioxidant benefits to add a bonus to your mask.

Get Your Glow On: Face masks are great because they quickly add hydration, even your skin tone, tighten pores and really make your skin shine.


  • Cleanse before use.
  • Apply in upwards and circular motions.
  • Dry skin? Try using our HYDRA EYE GEL as the wet component to our Dry Masks. Our hydra eye gel has a cooling effect, will soothe and hydrate your skin.

STEPS: Cleanse > Apply Mask > Follow up with moisturizer. We recommend our Supreme facial serum.

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