HOW TO: Relieve stress with bathtub meditation.

Meditation is a powerful way to connect with inner yourself and relieve your stress. Sometimes finding time for yourself and de-stressing is hard, but it may be easier if you try to make a habit of practicing. So, we thought -- why not try it in the tub?

Here are the steps that we’ve come up with and recommend for a relaxing tub sesh to de-stress:

Make Time
First, make time for your bathtub meditation by blocking out at least 10-15 minutes. This will allow you to focus on only yourself. Turn that cell phone on silent and place it out of reach.

Use your favorite products
Secondly, use your favorite products. Whether it be a simple bath soak or a full out #bathcocktail with all kinds of mixing and matching, use what you love.

Get in, relax and focus on your breathing. Allow your belly to rise and fall with each deep breath. Turn yourself inward and allow yourself to relax the shoulders and back. Let go of the stress and tension you’ve been carrying around all day.

Focus on the sensations
Really focus on the scents, it’s been proven that pleasing scents can relieve stress. Focus on the warm water cradling you or the gentle sounds of the bubbles slowly fizzing.

Stay in the present
I think this is one of the most important things of meditation, stay in the present. Do not allow your mind to drift to the past or future. Don’t think about anything except your being and where you are in the moment. Discourage any inner dialog you may have and you should feel soothed and relaxed.

Some things that may aid in your tub sesh meditation are: Dim lights, candles, soft music or ambient sounds like the rainforest or soft ocean waves. Find what works for you and jump in feet first!

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