5 tips to practice self care in 2021

Self care is more than a bubble bath and a new hair color. It's a mindset.

Practice these 5 self care tips for a better 2021

#1 - Cut out negative self-talk.

We are our own worst critics. Practice Self Love by not talking down to yourself. Instead, tell yourself what you’re proud of. Thank yourself and your body for getting you through the day. Express gratitude and be self aware when you start thinking negatively. You’ll be surprised by how changing the way you talk to yourself can have such a big impact.

Example of a bad choice of words: Oh my gosh, I am sorry I am late - I am the worst!
Change it to: Thank you so much for being patient, I really appreciate it!

These types of small changes will be beneficial to yourself as well as the people around you.

#2 - Unfollow toxic social media accounts, friends and pages.

If you take anything away from this list -- let it be this one. Social Media can be a time suck, a negative Nancy and overall depressing if you’re following the wrong pages/people. Make a vow to yourself to cut out the ones that make you feel bad about yourself. You control your own happiness. Only allow what you want and enjoy into your creative space, your social media, etc. You control what you consume.

#3 - Take time for some self-reflection.

Whether that means going for a walk to clear your mind, taking a bath while reading a good book or burning your favorite candle while you water your plants -- reflecting on your character, what you want in life and your motives is a good way to be in tune with yourself.

#4 - Set tangible goals and celebrate when you reach them.

No goal is too big or too small. Achieving goals and checking off items on your “to-do list” and celebrating wins is a great way to have success in your life. Success and happiness go hand in hand. Reminder: Success is your definition of it. Don’t forget that society does not define what you wish your success to look like.

#5 - Practice self love by taking care of yourself.

It may sound silly to have to add this into the list but honestly, getting up and making your bed + showering and getting ready for the day is a great way to put your best foot forward. When you feel good about yourself, your mood is a happier one. <3

When you feel “accomplished” and have already checked something off your to-do list - it makes you feel good. It’s been proven that making your bed every morning gives you a small sense of accomplishment and boosts your pride. I’m not going to go down the chain of events here, but ultimately - it’ll help your mood and make you feel productive with more drive to be more proactive in your day.

Overall, I hope that this small list can help you with your self care that goes beyond the tub. But in the meantime, treat your inner goddess to a scrub and practice some positive self talk and self love.

Xo, Jamie - Owner


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