Brand Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate!

How it works:
You will receive a coupon code to use for only yourself. You'll have one to share with your friends, family and social media followers. Based on that codes usage, you will earn Mod Money rewards added to your account monthly based on the code usage. For every dollar spent, you will earn one Mod Money + for every 5 code usages, you will earn 50 extra Mod Money. This is the quickest way to cash in on awesome coupons.

How to Redeem your Mod Money:
Have an account on my website and sign up for the rewards. You will start earning points right away. The email and name must match the one on your brand affiliate application. This is how I will add the extra Mod Money to your account. Below is examples on how cash in on your rewards!

$5 off coupon
500 Mod Money
$10 off coupon
1000 Mod Money

$25 off coupon
2500 Mod Money

After you submit your affiliate form:
I will e-mail you at the email address you provided with your unique codes. Simple as that! All are welcome!