#ModBeautyBFF 's Brand Reps

Are you interested in sharing your love for Mod Bath and Body? Do you want to rep the brand with passion and shout from your rooftops about how much you love Mod Bath and Body products?

A #ModBeautyBFF isn't necessarily the one with the biggest following but they will definitely share regularly and interact with their followers. It's all about relationships and authenticity. Quality photos are also important: think bright, crisp and colorful! We want collaboration magic to happen between you and us--heart eye emojis for days!


1. It's an awesome opportunity for new and existing customers to help Mod Bath and Body grow a unique  brand.

2. A great way to try new products at a deep discount.

3. An opportunity to connect with other #ModBeautyBFF's who have similar interests and goals. #squadgoals.


Mod Bath and Body loves having you as a Brand Rep because we feel it's an authentic way to grow our brand, share our products with the world and get to know you as more than just a customer! 


  • 30% off all Mod Bath and Body merchandise for the duration of your terms, to be used by you and your household only.

  • An exclusive 10% discount code for you to share with friends, family and followers. You could earn freebies and extra goodies based on referral amounts. We love to reward our reps.

  • Exposure on the Mod Bath and Body social media & website.

  • Endless love, fun, support and appreciation from us!


  • Purchase Mod Bath and Body goods at the rep discount of 30% off. At least one purchase is required.

  • A public Instagram account with a highly engaged following, posting 3 times a week. (examples: selfies while face masking, #shelfies of our products on your shelves/counters, lifestyled shots - the possibilities are endless) -- This is also beneficial to have great photos because we love to re-post photos to our own IG if you're trying to make it in the influencer game.

  • Your personal Facebook page may be private but posts mentioning Mod Bath and Body should be made public. We want to be able to see! Post and tag 2-3 unique images with Mod Bath and Body product(s) prominently shown per month.

  • Email the 2-3 images that you post each month, along with any additional images to hello@modbathandbody.com. All emailed images must not be watermarked & acknowledged that we may edit them.

  • Actively search #modbeautybff and show your support. Comments on other people’s photos of their Mod Bath and Body products.

  • Clear, crisp, bright, and FUN photography and aesthetic for photos.

  • Genuine enthusiasm for the Mod Bath and Body brand.

  • Promote and share your discount code and brand announcements such as promotions, contests and releases. Yay!


    Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Term lengths vary. You must follow Mod Bath and Body on Instagram and Facebook. Check your email for important information and directions. Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in disqualification from being a #ModBeautyBFF Brand Rep for future purchases & terms. All social media accounts must be public.

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    Can't wait to hear from you!

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